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This site is dedicated to Nicholas Stoltzfus, Amish pioneer, and the preservation of the Nicholas Stoltzfus Homestead.
Here you will find some history on Nicholas, the early Stoltzfus family and Amish settlements in the Reading and Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.

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2014 List of Upcoming Events

Tuesday August 5th & 19th - Open House

The Nicholas Stoltzfus House will be open for tours
Tuesday August 5th and 19th, from 10 AM to 2PM.

Saturday, Aug 2nd - Tennessee John Stoltzfus Reunion
Download details of the Tennesse John Renuion
Download the registration form for Tennesse John Renuion
Tennessee John was an Amish deacon in the mid to late 1800’s who favored church reforms. Some of the issues he debated was “whether to baptize by pouring from a jar or kneeling in a river, to meet in homes or in meetinghouses, to wear or not to wear raincoats, and whether or not to have photographs in their homes……” Tennessee John and others of his time eventually led reforms that split the Amish church between what we now know “Old Order Amish” and “Amish Mennonites”.
Come learn about this amazing man!

Saturday, Sept 27th – Music & Arts Festival

The 2nd annual Bluegrass/Gospel Music and Arts Festival with plenty of jamming, food, vendors……bring your lawn chair and come listen to our music, eat our food and pursue the vendors.

Friday, Oct 10th – Berks County Heritage Tour

The Amish originally settled in Berks County, PA. Visit many of the houses lived in by our Amish descendants and learn about various Amish gravesites where our immigrant ancestors are buried. Many folks want to visit where the Hostettler massacre too place, where Bishop Jacob Hertzler lived and is buried, as well as many of the other 70 family ancestors. The Nicholas Stoltzfus House is the only homestead with descendant ownership, thanks to the Leader family.

Wednesday, Oct 22nd – Don Kraybill book signing

Professor Don Kraybill will be at a dinner at Shady Maple Smorgasbord to talk about his new book on the Amish beard cutting incident. An event he knows well, as he was an expert witness for the prosecution at the Samuel Mullet trial in Cleveland, OH. Tickets are limited. Call for reservations.

Winter 2014 newsletter
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PHOTOS from the 2013 auction

Saving The Stoltzfus House
In the Lancaster newspapers 11/20/2012
and lancasteronline.com

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House Restoration Progress Brochure

Read about the July 27, 2012 Barn Raising

View photos of the barn raising on youtube

Recently added articles

Read the Article by Tom Infield in
The Philly Inquirer on 9/5/2011

How Firm a Foundation? The Barn Construction Begins.

Newsletter and Publications Archive


Speech given at Barn Groundbreaking

by Merle W. Stoltzfus

Faith Heritage of the Stoltzfus Family

by Merle W. Stoltzfus

Photos from the 2011 barnraising


Make it a day at historical Berks Parks!
Begin the day at the NSH, have lunch in the local pavilion, then see the Gruber Wagon Works, the Canal Museum, and take to the trails.
Or canoe on the Tulpehocken.


In 2006 members of the Preservation Committee met with Michael Leader, President and CEO of Country Meadows. He assured the Committee he supports future development based on the Committees's goals. Preservation is assured through an agreement with Country Meadows.


The goals include completing a barn with an apartment for caretakers to replace the house trailer, public restrooms, a heritage room, and a utility room. Inquiries can be made by calling 717-808-7785.


drawing of the nicholas stoltzfus houseNicholas Stoltzfus House drawing by Roger Cooke - Used by Permission.


Thanks to the Pequea Amish Bruderschaft, the Nicholas Stoltzfus House Preservation Committee, Country Meadows Retirement Communities, the Tri-County Heritage Society, the Amish Community, and all those who continue to support the restoration of the Nicholas Stoltzfus House. And thanks to Janice Egeland who is responsible for the book 'Descendants of Christian Fisher and Other Amish-Mennonite Pioneer Families'.